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The events of the last few years market turmoil, fraud and the use of suspension or redemption gates have compelled institutional investors to seek more control of and gain more transparency in their investments.

This shift in market dynamics is demonstrated in the accelerating demand for managed accounts. Fund managers have seen an increase in requests for these structures and the improved liquidity, transparency and flexible fee schedules they offer.

What you can expect?

Highly-skilled investment professionals who will actively manage your money.
A portfolio that maintains a level of risk consistent with your investor profile.
A team of analysts who do all of the investment research for you.
A dedicated team of experienced managed account professionals working on your behalf.
Customized communications to keep you informed of all account activity and performance.
An annual review to ensure your investment strategy is still appropriate.


All-inclusive managed account services


To satisfy this investor-led demand, London Cape Equities Group Ltd was formed. Single fund and fund of fund managers alike need to address the complex operational and reporting requirements of managed accounts. London Cape Equities Group Ltd offers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions for Individual or Corporate clients including:


tik-iconInvestment Account Held In Your Name

tik-iconYou deposit your capital at a strictly controlled and regulated financial institution (Our Assigned Broker Dealer)

tik-iconYou hold your capital with AA rated depositories (HSBC London, Credit Suisse Zurich)

tik-iconOnly you can withdraw your investment from the account held in your own name

tik-iconAs the owner of the account only you are able to authorize trading

tik-iconYou are able to monitor the investing processes during the whole investment period.

tik-icon100% transparency lets you monitor not only your current equity but from anywhere in the world 24/7 365 days a year.

tik-iconThe protection of the capital is the most important factor when trading

tik-iconThe protection of the capital is regulated and controlled by LCE

tik-iconProtection guaranteed in a contract with the party independent from the trading operations

tik-iconProtection growing dynamically with the maximum balance of your account


tik-iconStable performance, High Returns!

tik-iconResults regardless of economic performance

tik-iconDynamic real-time reporting on all levels, from account to daily reporting on trades, positions, risk and performance — delivered via a web-based interactive client portal


London Cape Equities Group Ltd is the complete financial partner to our clients. We provide the best managed account services and solutions with unparalleled access to capital and liquidity, London Cape Equities Group Ltd enables its clients to achieve their strategic financial goals. We look forward to welcoming you as a new client.