• What is a managed account?

    A managed account is an investment account that is owned by an individual investor and looked after by a hired professional investment manager London Cape Equities Group Ltd.
    The investment manager gets authorization from the investor to trade his or her investment in the financial markets in order to gain profits. London Cape Equities Group Ltd do not
    have access to the invested capital, they cannot withdraw money from it, they only get paid a performance fee if thanks to their efforts new profits are realized in your asset account.

  • How is performance fee deducted?

    Performance fees are automatically deducted by the broker dealer after every profitable month – only in the case of new profits.

  • How long does the process of opening a LCE managed account usually take?

    The process takes only 3-5 working days. The whole account opening process is completed online, your first deposit may be transferred the very day you have received confirmation of passing basic compliance and security checks after registration. As soon as your deposit arrives to your managed account your investment may be started.

  • Do I have to transfer the money I would like to invest to LCE?

    No London Cape Equities Group Ltd is only authorized by its clients to manage their accounts by trading in the financial markets. We don’t collect money from our clients in any way.
    You have to transfer the money you would like to invest into your own account held with the broker dealer.

  • Do I have to pay a yearly management fee?

    No, you don’t. We don’t charge you any other fees, only the performance fee.

  • How much is the performance fee?

    We charge a 32.5% performance fee on new profits, only if the total value of your investment becomes greater than the former highest value. You will be charged no other fees only the performance fee. Our Assigned Broker Dealer is responsible for the deduction and the accuracy of due performance fees.

  • Which bank do I deposit my money to?

    You can choose between two depositories:
    • HSBC London
    • Credit Suisse Zurich

  • Is my investment safe?

    The safety of your capital is as important for us as it is for you. Your money will be held in Custody of one of the renowned banks of UK and Switzerland that you choose, in an
    investment account in your own name providing exclusive access to you! Guaranteed by the contract between the investor and the brokerage, London Cape Equities Group Ltd has no direct access to the investments. Authorization is only given for trading in your account and receiving the predetermined percentage of gained profits. Thus you are assured the
    highest level of security possible.

  • Do you trade everyday on the accounts?

    We don’t necessarily trade every day. We only open positions if the market provides good opportunities for London Cape Equities Group Ltd.

  • How can I check the current balance of my account?

    You can check your account statement every time you log into your account through the Broker Dealers website to your Client Zone and login with your unique username and
    password and under My Account.