Global Investment Manager

For potential or existing investors. Find out more about our range of funds and investment trusts.

Conservative & Cautious Trading

We access the full array of the world’s capital markets to craft carefully targeted investment solutions for our clients.

Strong Fund Performance

Offering comprehensive investment management capabilities that span all segments of the global capital markets.

Greater Responsibility

Investment decision making is bolstered by proprietary tools for building portfolios, assessing liquidity, and managing risk.

London Cape Equities Group Ltd recommends our managed accounts service to you if you:

  • are looking for a solution that is capable of providing returns over the market average,
  • have no experience in investing, but would like to keep your savings at a safe place,
  • would like to hold your funds in a secure institution, in an account in your own name,
  • would like to provide a multi-level protection for your high-return investment portfolio,
  • would like to diversify your funds among several accounts,
  • are fed up with unnecessary and undue costs,
  • want to keep full control of your funds and watch your equity grow in a calm environment, within transparent conditions,
  • find it important to have instant access to your funds whenever you want,
  • expect fast administration and high-quality client assistance,
  • know the possibilities lying in financial markets and would like to benefit from the gains of the best traders in the market,
  • want to launch your investment simply and quickly (within 3-6 days) in one of the major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY).